Venice Beach is a magical community nestled between a massive, crazy city and the edge of the Continent. As far west as you can ever get. A history of mermaids, amusement parks, beats, hippies, and poets and musicians. A perfect blend of yuppies, gangsters, millionaires and hobos. A gorgeous girl in a bikini rollerskating past the worlds oldest wino.

Venice is what happens when you shake America and all the loose ends collect in the corner. Nowhere else to go … a cosmic ride once you break on through … the alternative universe of Venice, Italy.

Breathe the clean beach air and enjoy our elf-Viking-mermaid lodge. Come do your best work possible.

Minutes from LAX, a few blocks from the beach and a short walk to the restaurants, bars and shops on Main Street, Abbot Kinney and the ever-colorful boardwalk. Whole Foods is a few blocks down.

Earthstar Venice - Community