John X Volaitis Bio

John X Volaitis Bio

Besides the Telefunken E LAM 250, JX is the oldest piece of vintage gear at Earthstar

John X Volaitis was bitten by the “Studio Bug” early, while still in high school. Although a love for music had always been strong, a visit to Hit Factory session at that time (1979) sparked an infatuation that has grown into a colorful & successful career over the last 30+ years..

A leathery control room vet , Mr. X has a tremendous amount of experience to draw from. He has worked at many of the finest recording studios all over the planet with an ever-growing roster of incredible talent.

His discography demonstrates Mr. X’s versatility with a huge cross-section of styles. As an engineer/mixer. he has taken on The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, U2, Ice Cube & Black Sabbath to name only a few.

As a producer, he has worked with Joe Strummer, Blackgrape, David Coverdale and of course, Earthstar’s very own Osmunda Music & Space Babies. For a complete list, please peruse his complete discography.

In addition to the years of audio engineering chops, Mr. X is an Emmy nominated songwriter. His skills as engineer/producer are gracefully enhanced by a long-term love of music programming & MIDI. Nothing can stop the X-Man from coming up with unique & elaborate string arrangements, instrumentation & remixes, etc.


Known for his eccentric & flamboyant flair, he also brings a unique and fun vibe to the Earthstar Creation Center… keeping things light, comfortable, and always moving at a productive pace. He puts people at ease, and captures awesome tones. John X has a good heart and deeply believes in the creative process of capturing emotion through vibration. He has earned the title of master, but be careful, he records everything!

“It’s not the medium, it’s the message”